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Whether you need one accent wall or an entire home or business, my 40 years of experience in the wallpaper hanging industry has given me the opportunity to install all types of wall coverings, commercial and residential.  This includes custom murals, grass cloth, hand printed wall covering and fabrics of all types.  Measuring and estimate service available.   For prompt, professional and reliable service call Mark.


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Welcome to MS Interior Finishing we’re going to discuss evaluating a room for wallpaper removal there are several things we need to determine, wall paper hanging can be complex. A important decision is how we are going to go about removing the wall covering and getting the walls ready for your new Decor let’s start by finding a couple inconspicuous spot in your room then let’s determine what type of wall covering we have to remove. I try several spots to get a better indication of the whole room. The different types of wall covering dry strip, Removal face or soak through. All methods require different steps but basically end up being the same task. To determine what type of wall covering we’re dealing with, lets find a seam and if possible a corner of a seam pick up wall covering edge with a small putty knife or screwdriver see if you can lift and remove the wallpaper in one sheet if this is possible Pull wall covering at a 20° angle careful not to damage the wall. A damaged Wall will make the wall paper hanging that much more difficult. If only the face of the wall covering comes off leaving a paper backing on the wall. We need to take some paper towels ball them up wet them and place them on the wall where we have lifted up the facing getting it too stick in place.

Allowing the water to soak into the back of the wall covering after several minutes use your fingernail to see if the wall covering is softening these amount of time will vary based on how the original wall paper did the job. If you were able to remove the backing thats a great sign. This may take only a few minutes or as long as a half-hour. Next we want to remove the backing paper to see if the wall has been prepped properly so we can wash the wall and remove all paste, this is very important if you’re going to be painting the walls after removal. When we try the small section and we can see how well the wall is holding up and if we are able to get all the paste off the wall. Some wall coverings have no outer layer that will stop the water from coming through these wallpapers when working with this type if of wall paper we can apply the wet paper T towels directly to the face of the print allowing it to soak. We will use the same procedure to determine how well the walls primed and how much adhesive is on the wall with this information. Now we can proceed to remove the whole room it is important when removing wallpaper that you do one section at a time and complete the section hundred percent before moving on. Setting up the room and getting ready for removal is a very important step in achieving a successful outcome! Now we know the type of covering we are dealing with and we can choose the proper process and begin to set up your room for the wall paper install. The right equipment is absolutely necessary to remove and hang wall paper.

Wallpaper Hanging

Mark with MS Interior Finishing specializes in the installation of all types of wall coverings; from basic wallpaper to some of the most complex and elegant designs possible. We sell all coverings produced, and maintain samples from all major suppliers. We also install photo murals, digital media walls, and corporate branding graphics.

Wallpaper Removal

The removal process of your wallpaper is a very important step that only an experienced professional should perform. This is a very delicate process that if done incorrectly can leave your drywall damaged, leave old wallpaper in the hard to reach corners, and a big mess. I’ve become an expert at this process after performing it thousands of times over my career. Call me today for personal service.

Small Job Specialist

Mark specializes in private home one on one client satisfaction but can take on any size job. MS Interior Finishing has over 40 years experience satisfying thousands of clients. MS Interior Finishing is owner operated and offers unparalleled service, and excellent references. We are fully licensed and insured.

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“I have been working with Mark for over 10 years and he has always delivered excellent, timely results. We have completed serval jobs together, and refer him to all my personal family members and friends.”

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